simSchool Live Tours

Thank you for your interest in simSchool. We invite you to register for a live tour for yourself or for a group of attendees. If you do not see a time that is convenient for you, please contact to schedule an alternative time slot.

Tuesday live tours are dedicated to discussing core functionality of simSchool. Thursday sessions focus on the emotional modeling and artificial intelligence of the system, as well as research-related topics. If you would prefer a different emphasis during your live tour, please let us know. We are happy to customize any session to your needs.

simTip: Before you schedule a live tour, we recommend browsing our collection of videos covering a range of topics. You may find exactly the answers you need right now -- or -- find a resource to use over and over as you begin playing, learning, and sharing in simSchool. Please log in if you wish to browse the library.

* Registration for next day live tours closes at 6:00 PM EST.

What are your goals for this live tour session?

 Learn basic information on using the system -- I'm brand new to simSchool
 Focus on the new functionality in simSchool 2.0 -- I'm a simSchool 1.0 user and know a thing or two
 Dive into the underlying models and artificial intelligence
 Discuss how my institution might become involved in the Modules Project or discuss_institution_involvement research efforts
 Other (please explain)
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Would you like to discuss a topic other than core functionality or the A.I. behind simSchool?